New Product Webinar: In-house Quality Control

Witness this innovation in industrial quality control and watch the webinar now

In-house quality control is trending. And with good reason. It can speed up your quality control process up to 10 times.

In this on-demand webinar we unveil a leap forward in industrial quality control. An innovation that will help you perform a broad range of automated desktop analyses, chemical classifications and verifications. Intuitive and fast.

Claim your front-row seat and experience how to:

  • Automate your quality control system
  • Speed up the analysis process 
  • Achieve purity and cleanliness at microscale

Watch our desktop SEM specialists explain how to improve your quality control process with the Thermo Scientific Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM »


Phenom ParticleX AM LP
Phenom ParticleX Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope
Multi-purpose desktop SEM enabling purity and cleanliness at the microscale.