Download the Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM
Specification Sheet

Discover the Phenom Pharos: the faster, higher-resolution desktop SEM

PW0033_201806_Mockup Spec Sheets-PRODUCT - Phenom Pharos-V2 (1)

Experience re-imagined resolution with the Thermo Fisher Scientific Phenom Pharos desktop SEM. With a source that creates crisp, high-brightness images, the benefits of the FEG  source have become accessible to everyone.

Sharpen your focus, accelerate your work and enhance your brightness with the Phenom Pharos desktop SEM.

Download the Phenom Pharos desktop SEM specification sheet and learn more about: 

  • The higher-resolution Phenom Pharos FEG source 
  • The advanced hardware design and detectors enabling a faster time to image
  • The intuitive user interface allowing for easy, foolproof handling.